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Behind The News

  • Giants "army" is small on numbers but big on hope
    How much hope can GWS hold on to against a rampaging Richmond and a rabid MCG crowd barracking against them? Enough.
  • The closest of seasons, but how much cream is at the top?
    The competition has compacted, but rather than the cellar dwellers improving their standards, it’s the top dogs who’ve come back to the field.
  • Solutions to ill-timed shockers not so simple for Sydney
    The Swans have had a couple of shockers now at the worst possible moment. And a remedy isn't obvious.
  • Trading Stringer seems a sign of coaching stubbornness
    Jake Stringer has undoubted X-factor and is a natural goalkicker with explosive speed. Those aren’t qualities AFL teams should be willingly parting with.
  • Moments from mediocrity, Eagles can now have much more
    In the end, West Coast showed some welcome resilience when it mattered most.
  • It's a much longer way to the top for the Giants now
    The GWS march to the flag was supposed to be inevitable. Now the Giants are hanging by a thread.
  • Cats have some finals demons of their own to deal with
    There's much focus on Richmond ahead of the qualifying final against Geelong. But the Cats have their own finals demons to exorcise, too.
  • Hey interstaters, take it from a Vic. We don’t care if you win
    It's time to put to rest one of the great misnomers about the Victorian football public from beyond the Murray River border.
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