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Footyology’s draft rankings – No. 7: Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins in action for Oakleigh Chargers. The small forward won the Morrish Medal for best player in the TAC Cup this season. Photo: AFL MEDIA

Footyology’s draft rankings – No. 7: Jack Higgins

Bede Briscomb    

Victoria (Oakleigh Chargers)
Small forward/midfielder

Born: 19/3/1999
Height: 178cm
Weight: 76kg

Disposals: 21.6
Kicks: 13.3
Handballs: 8.3
Handball efficiency: 66%
Kicking efficiency: 59%
Marks: 4.9
Tackles: 4.9
Goals: 2.3
One elite attribute: Footy IQ. A rare 15-plus touch small forward who is very smart and always in the thick of things.
Best-case comparison: Dayne Zorko


Goalkicking: Higgins is not very fast or strong, and he can’t jump like Toby Greene – he just has good old-fashioned football brains. Kicked seven goals against Bendigo in August.

Smarts: His running patterns and knowledge of the modern game is perhaps the best from this year’s group, and ensures consistent performances week in, week out.

Quick mind: The Oakleigh Charger has agile feet in tight spaces, which enables him to get a quality shot at goal with limited opportunity.

Tackling: Loves a cuddle in the forward line – had 15 tackles in a game in April and averaged five per game for the year. His torso is already solid, so he should be able to play at least 5-10 games from the start.


Size and athleticism: Higgins will make it as a small forward, no question. But there are question marks over his ability to play in the midfield because he’s smaller than 180 centimetres and can’t cover the entire ground with any real pace or get any penetration on his kicks.

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