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Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey wrap up an amazing Round 19

What a weekend! Round 19 had everything, a third draw, the Bulldogs biting back, Port Adelaide pinching it and the Dangerfield dilemma. The boys plough through all your favourite segments, “That’s A Wrap”, “Hot Or Not”, “Talking Top 22s”, the always-controversial “Media Watch”, and all the howling at the moon you need in the “Rant-Off”. So full of footy debate, so lacking in decorum, it’s the Footyology podcast. Check it out!

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RoCo’s Wrap: In a crazy year, the only certainty is uncertainty

You’re kidding me, right? What else can surprise this incredible AFL season, short of an elephant stampede on the MCG with five minutes left on grand final day?

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Match of the Day: Port pulls out of the fire a game won, lost, then won again

Cream rises to the top, they say. It certainly did at Adelaide Oval on Saturday, when Port Adelaide, won, lost, then won again a critical two-point win over a desperate but ultimately denied St Kilda.

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Previews with punch – Round 19

Some old heavyweights meet again, an “eight-point” affair, last-chance saloon and seemingly impossible tasks. That’s Round 19’s tale of the tape.

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Footyology Podcast: RoCo and Finey wrap up Round 18 and a whole lot more!

They’re back! After a brief hiatus, RoCo and Finey are back with footy’s quirkiest and perhaps chattiest show, now in podcast form.

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RoCo’s Wrap: Team trumps talent on both sides of town

The best 22 or the 22 best? If you wanted a case study for a philosophical debate about team versus talent, two games in Melbourne on Sunday provided some interesting and persuasive evidence for the former.

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Match of the Day: Dons’ late delivery finally deals with spirited “Joeys”

Essendon is back in the top eight after a late surge against North Melbourne. But the Bombers will need to play a lot better to stay there.

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Match of the Day: Crows turn up the heat and turn the tables on Cats

Unlike Adelaide’s first clash with Geelong, from the outset this time, it looked like the Crows were intent on making a statement. And it was a pretty emphatic one.

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Pre-finals bye the elephant in the AFL’s room

There’s an elephant in the AFL’s room. And if there isn’t a finals tale as romantic as the Bulldogs of last year, it might end up stomping all over the integrity of the competition.

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AFL crisis: Hello, pot. Meet kettle

I’m never comfortable when media outlets start lecturing on morality, particularly when the morals in question concern fidelity.

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