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Footyology Podcast: Goddard gone & “hot-button” beat-up

RoCo and Finey discuss the issues of the week, give you the down and dirty on the Fourth Estate, preview the games and make the big calls!

Footyology Podcast: Goddard gone & “hot-button” beat-up

This week on the Footyology podcast, RoCo & Finey talk about Brendon Goddard’s legacy at Essendon and ask whether he can play on. “Media Watch” looks at that beat-up about the AFL’s “invitation” to leading broadcaster Waleed Aly. We preview every game of the final home and away round and we vow to “Never Again”. The Footyology podcast, don’t leave home without it!

  1. Goddard has done special comments a few times this year on ABC radio. And honestly he is pretty good, having somewhat of a sense of humour and he manages to distance himself and be more objective than most footballers.

    I wonder if that’s why certain players don’t seem to get along with him, a bit of a Mitchell vibe.

    Love the podcast, I enjoy the 9 or 10 stumbling turns of phrase from Finey, which are all worth it when he really lands one and you have to smile.

    One thing I will say, is that you sometimes don’t give the ABC coverage enough credit. Many of the issues in coverage are remedied on Aunty. Callers capable of calling the play straight, but entertainingly and having non-annoying interplay with the special comments people. The special comments voices are well selected, the AFLW players they’ve used have been very insightful, Malthouse has been entertaining, Parko is consistent etc.

    I know your listening habits and relationships over the years must have you listening more to the commercial stations, but the ABC is doing good work on a shoe-string budget.

    Anyway thanks for the podcast.


  2. Rohan Connolly

    Very valid points about the ABC Julian, good work. And thanks for the kind words!

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