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Footyology Podcast: RoCo and Finey wrap up Round 18 and a whole lot more!

RoCo and Finey are BACK with a podcast edition of Footyology! Get around ’em!

Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey’s wrap-up and a lot more!

They’re back! After a brief hiatus, RoCo and Finey are back with footy’s quirkiest and perhaps chattiest show, now in podcast form. This week, the boys wrap up a big Round 18 and look ahead to the rest of the season. But there’s heaps more besides in some great segments, “That’s A Wrap”, “Hot Or Not”, “Talking Top 22s”, what might become a must-listen, “Media Watch”, and your old favourite, the “Rant-Off”. They’re getting old, they’re already grumpy, but they they’re never short of a word on the greatest game of all. Check it out!


Here’s this week’s version of our rolling All-Australian team. Check out the segment, the criteria for selection, and have your say in the comments section here!

B: Jeremy Howe (Coll), Alex Rance (Richmond), Rory Laird (Adel)

HB: Elliot Yeo (WC), Michael Hurley (Ess), Sam Docherty (Carl)

C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Dustin Martin (Rich), Gary Ablett (GC)

HF: Robbie Gray (PA), Lance Franklin (Syd), Toby Greene (GWS)

F: Eddie Betts (Adel), Ben Brown (NM), Jeremy Cameron (GWS)

Foll: Paddy Ryder (PA), Patrick Dangerfield (Geel), Tom Mitchell (Haw)

Inter: Rory Sloane (Adel), Joel Selwood (Geel), Dayne Zorko (Bris), Clayton Oliver (Melb)

  1. Toby Greene? Guy should needs to be available to play to be in the team, and reliable. Particularly if this is a ‘rolling update’. Bring Greene back if and when he stops brain farting and punching people..

  2. Nice that if the captcha code is wrong the whole comment is lost going back 🙁

    Anyway I will say it again: I enjoyed the Podcasts and listening to a couple of old lovers of the game chatting away. Keep it up. Rohan, I love your writing more than any other and am glad you are still around to enlighten and entertain. Two more comments:

    1. No one makes you read the social commentary as you call it. If you don’t like Caro’s articles, don’t read them. You can always ignore what does not interest you. I like her writing and she has skewered more than one wanker well ahead of the rest of the gallery. Good for her!

    2. Talking of Frankensteins: get onto the bloody noise that we have to put up with before the game and during the breaks. I used to enjoy chatting to fellow fans – of any side and persuasion – during the breaks but now cannot communicate properly because the powers that be hate silence. Tip: kids will still come and still love the game even with a moment’s silence.

  3. Ben Brown has same number of games and goals as Joe Daniher, but less kicks/marks/contested marks/handballs/hit outs/score involvements and shots on goal? The argument that he is playing in a bad side doesn’t wash you look at the totality of their games which shows Joe having a far better year.

    Ablett/Greene have missed almost a quarter of the season and they are in the side ahead of others? Given they have been very good when playing, but getting on the park has to have far greater weight than being really good on the odd occasion you aren’t injured or rubbed-out. Greene in particular will play a maximum of 16 games this year. There is no way he should be in the side.

  4. betts is out of form,wont be AA this year.
    id fit zac merrett in for him

  5. Need to stick with Finey’s change of Nev Jetta in. Think also “Pig” Hibbard to also make a swap with Howe. Consistently been better.

  6. Just wanted to mention how refreshing I found some of your observations in the Media Watch section. I have long felt large sections of the AFL media are becoming increasingly lazy. It should be the job of the media to analyse the game and educate the public;we cant all watch 9 games a week. Instead, it’s constant speculation on the best 10 players in the league, where they will be playing next year and what the size of their pay packet will be. As was mentioned, “9 games of footy will always give you a story”.

    Would have Zach Merrett in ahead of Betts or Gray

  7. Loving the podcast, but can you please fix the sound so that everyone is at the same volume – nearly jumped out of my skin halfway through!

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