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Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey pick apart a huge Round 20

RoCo & Finey talk about the ramifications of the Selwood injury, the Crows, Tigers, Saints, Eagles, the best, the worst, the media, you name it!

Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey pick apart a huge Round 20

It was a big weekend of football. Round 20 produced big results and, for Geelong, a big injury to Joel Selwood. RoCo and Finey discuss the ramifications for the Cats, talk about Adelaide’s A1 form, the terrific Tigers, St Kilda staying in the hunt and West Coast’s constant cave-ins. There’s Hot Or Not, you can check out our Talking Top 22s and leave a comment below, and Media Watch discusses match reports, press conferences and trade speculation getting in the way of the here and now. Of course, there’s the world-famous Rant-Off, and this week, a musical tribute to the great Nick Riewoldt. It’s an aural feast for diehard footy fans. The Footyology podcast, get into it!


Here’s this week’s version of our rolling All-Australian team. Check out the segment, the criteria for selection, and have your say in the comments section here!

B: Jeremy Howe (Coll), Alex Rance (Richmond), Rory Laird (Adel)

HB: Michael Hibberd (Melb), Michael Hurley (Ess), Sam Docherty (Carl)

C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Dustin Martin (Rich), Marcus Bontempelli (WB)

HF: Robbie Gray (PA), Tom Lynch (Adel), Gary Ablett (GC)

F: Eddie Betts (Adel), Josh Kennedy (WC), Joe Daniher (Ess)

Foll: Sam Jacobs (Adel),Patrick Dangerfield (Geel), Tom Mitchell (Haw)

Inter: Rory Sloane (Adel), Joel Selwood (Geel), Matt Crouch (Adel), Clayton Oliver (Melb)

IN: Tom Lynch, Josh Kennedy, Joe Daniher, Sam Jacobs

OUT: Lance Franklin, Ben Brown, Jeremy Cameron, Paddy Ryder

  1. Hi RoCo,

    Enjoying the new venture! Question about the Hawks Issac Smith. Is it just me or has he been for the most part out of form this year? He just doesn’t seem to get the ball as much, not breaking the lines as much, not kick as many goals etc. Thoughts?

  2. Rohan Connolly

    Hi Dan,

    Yep, tend to agree. His numbers are actually almost identical to last year when he finished 6th in the best and fairest, but for mine he really hasn’t had the same impact. Bad timing, too, because he’s exactly the type they’ve needed to step up, particularly after the loss of Brad Hill.

  3. just about ready to put shannon hurn in the mix for half back.probably instead of docherty

  4. Roco are you doing a Facebook live chat like you did with age Really love zRounds of Our lives too

  5. Rohan Connolly

    Hi David,

    I’m doing one for Sporting News Australia on Wednesday which will be uploaded to this site later.

  6. Surely Ablett for Zorko must happen, mind you after listening for the last 3 eps and hearing approximately nothing about the Lions perhaps you’ve not seen any of the games?
    Have to agree on your call to maintain the match reports, as someone that lives in a football outpost it’s a great way to get an in-depth understanding of the game.
    We should also have a rolling coach in the All Australian, I’d have Dimma or Clarkson in the box for the all Australian team at this stage

  7. Loving the podcast! Feel Ben Brown is a bit stiff to miss (although it looks likely he will miss at least 1 game). He has kicked a vast majority of his goals against the better sides while Kennedy plays similar to West Coast and kicks most of his goals against the bottom sides. Something to consider!

  8. Hey RoCo, I’m really loving the new podcast. You and Finey are two of my favourite people in the media. Both of you have managed to stay in touch with the fans and maintain your love and passion for the game when others seem to just get off on being the story or headline. Anyway, I’d just like to let you know that I love the media watch segment. I think the AFL media as a generalisation has really overestimated how much people care about the MRP and potential free agents and underestimated how much people like the stories of football. Whenever I listen to SEN my favourite conversations are about the stories, either from today or years gone by, especially ones that put a smile on my face or make me laugh. Having said that, can I request a footy folk lore segment? I know you do something similar on Marngrook but it can’t hurt to double up! Thanks.

    PS. I think Neville Jetta has to be squeezed into your All Australian team. He is first picked for Melbourne each week and wouldn’t mind if he took Hibberd’s spot.

    Keep up the good work

  9. Rohan Connolly

    Hi Ben. Thanks a lot for the kind words, much appreciated. Also, really good suggestion for segment, will give it some serious thought. Cheers.

  10. Hi guys love the pod! Just a quick pointless comment. The Room in Italian is “la stanza”. The term in camera is actually from latin meaning in chamber. This means a process or meeting that isnt for public consumption.
    There ive done it! Created something more pointless then the Gold Coast Football Club!

  11. Media Watch was a brutal affair this week. Enjoyed the honesty from you two, particularly when it comes to “naming names”. The two contrasting views regarding Patrick Smith really highlight how polarizing some journos can be. E.G. personally I enjoy Caroline Wilson’s work while I don’t read/listen to/watch the work of Mark Robinson on principle. As we all know, the footy media has now mushroomed into it’s own industry in which the number of accredited media personnel almost outstrips the number of players on AFL lists! With so many media platforms competing for content you can almost understand why the most inane stories receive “airtime” but, like you blokes, I do sometimes miss the days of the Friday night footy preview in the Herald with Alf Brown and the Sporting Globe on the Sat night!

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