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Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey talk footy till it hurts!

RoCo & Finey discuss the fall-out from Round 21. Can only three teams win the flag? A discussion about media agendas. And the world famous “Rant-Off”!

Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey talk footy till it hurts!

Round 21 had a host of games with huge ramifications for the final eight. RoCo and Finey discuss whether there’s really only three teams that can now win the flag, the Melbourne v St Kilda game and who’s winning the war of development, and what’s going on with the Western Bulldogs. There’s Hot Or Not, our rolling All-Australian team, and a controversial Media Watch segment where we talk about the sometimes shady business of football media agendas. And don’t forget the world famous Rant-Off. As a certain US President would put it, it’s big, huge, the best!


Here’s this week’s version of our rolling All-Australian team. Check out the segment, the criteria for selection, and have your say in the comments section here!

B: Jeremy Howe (Coll), Alex Rance (Richmond), Rory Laird (Adel)

HB: Michael Hibberd (Melb), Jeremy McGovern (WC) Sam Docherty (Carl)

C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Dustin Martin (Rich), Matt Crouch (Adel)

HF: Robbie Gray (PA), Tom Lynch (Adel), Marcus Bontempelli (WB)

F: Eddie Betts (Adel), Josh Kennedy (WC), Joe Daniher (Ess)

Foll: Sam Jacobs (Adel),Patrick Dangerfield (Geel), Tom Mitchell (Haw)

Inter: Joel Selwood (Geel), Luke Parker (Syd), Michael Hurley (Ess), Clayton Oliver (Melb)

IN: Jeremy McGovern, Luke Parker

OUT: Gary Ablett, Rory Sloane

  1. Hi Rohan, loved the podcast this week. The footy wrap was good as usual but the segment on media agendas was brilliant listening. As a North supporter from a family who’s supported the club for over 100 years, it was impossible not to take the Age’s (Carl’s) opinion pieces, often dressed as fact, very personally. As Finey made the point, footy clubs hold an irrationally large part of people’s lives and our identities in Victoria and the commercialisation of the game by the AFL hasn’t yet completely eroded that connection. Particularly for supporters of the smaller traditional clubs that have to fight a little harder for success. I thought Caro was unbelievably unprofessional to run such a blatant agenda for personal gain against a club with 140 years history at the time and thousands of supporters who would no longer have a team to support. My reaction at the time was anger and the decision to never read, watch or listen to anything she was associated with, same with Patrick Smith. What was the point if you can’t trust them for factual reporting anyway? It was refreshing to hear an honest opinion on the media at that time from you both. I sometimes disagree with your opinions on footy and politics but I fully respect and admire your honesty and passion. During North Melbourne’s most recent fight for survival you and Finey regularly reported both the facts and the supporters views which were both squarely at odds with the AFL agenda. I have a son now and I’m so thankful I can take him to watch his team play as my father did with me. Sorry about the long comment. Looking forward to the next podcast!

  2. Rohan Connolly

    Hi David, Just a quick thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. I guess Finey and I both like to see ourselves as fans of the game first and foremost. Losing a club like Fitzroy from the competition was a tragedy in my view, and I think it’s become increasingly obvious given how even a club born on the Gold Coast has struggled that such a move for North would not only have effectively wiped another from the landscape but had even more problems establishing itself than the Suns have had. Football is every bit as much about the people who follow the game as the clubs themselves, and perhaps a few more administrators and media types need to get their heads around that. Cheers.

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