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Footyology Podcast with RoCo & Finey: Some finals thoughts

The final eight is set after a thrilling finale to the season. RoCo & Finey consider the fall-out in a big episode six of the Footyology Podcast.

Footyology Podcast with RoCo & Finey: Finals thoughts

The final eight is locked and loaded after it came down to the last minute of the last game of the season. In Episode 6 of the Footyology Podcast, RoCo and Finey reassess who can win the flag and who can’t. We hand out the plaudits and pull no punches in Hot Or Not, finalise out All-Australian team in Talking Top 22s, while Media Watch pays tribute to the late, lamented Drew Morphett, his legacy to sporting commentary, and asks why there aren’t more like him. We unleash about the stuff that’s been grinding our gears in the world-famous Rant-Off and much, much more! Want some decent football discussion, free of hype, but chock-full of footy goodness? This is your baby!


Here’s the FINAL version of our rolling All-Australian team. Check out the segment, the criteria for selection, and have your say in the comments section here!

B: Jeremy Howe (Coll), Alex Rance (Richmond), Rory Laird (Adel)

HB: Elliot Yeo (WC), Jeremy McGovern (WC) Sam Docherty (Carl)

C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Dustin Martin (Rich), Matt Crouch (Adel)

HF: Robbie Gray (PA), Lance Franklin (Syd), Toby Greene (GWS)

F: Eddie Betts (Adel), Josh Kennedy (WC), Joe Daniher (Ess)

Foll: Paddy Ryder (PA), Patrick Dangerfield (Geel), Tom Mitchell (Haw)

Inter: Rory Sloane (Adel), Luke Parker (Syd), Michael Hurley (Ess), Clayton Oliver (Melb)

IN: Toby Greene, Rory Sloane

OUT: Marcus Bontempelli, Seb Ross

  1. Always a fraught exercise no doubt, but Zach Merrett has had a better season than Rory Sloan who went missing for a good third of it

  2. Brilliant analysis and insight of our great game πŸ‘

  3. Port and West Coast duelling Steven Bradbury’s

  4. must say as special comments go
    ive always thought stan alves is the best

  5. How said I was this week, watching the likes Hodge, Murphy and Boyd being carried of the applause of an adoring crowd, knowing that a champion of the game in Adam Goodes was hounded for last year of his career and has disappeared into obscurity because you cannot rely in adults to be adults.

  6. Love the podcast.

    This year I’ve found myself turning off tv and listening to footy on radio more regularly. Commentary ruins it.
    As a footy fan I’d prefer special comments to analyze and explain modern game eg, zones, running patterns etc. As opposed to them hanging shit on each other or pumping each other up.
    Hibberd stiff. Could have replaced Oliver on bench.?

  7. Great listen. Got my new fav audio to listen too when traveling.

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