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Footyology Podcast with RoCo & Finey: You know you want it

Round 22 was big. Our dissection of it is even bigger. That’s A Wrap, Hot Or Not, Talking Top 22s, Media Watch & the Rant-Off. What more do you need?

Footyology Podcast with RoCo & Finey: You know you want it

Just one round of home and away action left and the September participants are booking their places. Did Round 22 help sort the wheat from the chaff? RoCo and Finey discuss who’s the real deal and who isn’t. Did we just see a grand final preview, is Richmond about to give the flag a serious shake, and why no love for Geelong or Port Adelaide? Hot Or Not hands out the brickbats and boquets, we update our rolling All-Australian team and Media Watch this week looks at the thorny issue of AFL accreditation and the timing of the Footy Show’s Rod Butterss interview. And, of course, the Rant-Off just goes crazy ape bonkers. As Brendon Bolton might put it, all the “emotional nourishment” you need. With some sizzling gypsies thrown in … well, not really, we just made that last bit up. But still worth a listen!


Here’s this week’s version of our rolling All-Australian team. Check out the segment, the criteria for selection, and have your say in the comments section here!

B: Jeremy Howe (Coll), Alex Rance (Richmond), Rory Laird (Adel)

HB: Elliot Yeo (WC), Jeremy McGovern (WC) Sam Docherty (Carl)

C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Dustin Martin (Rich), Matt Crouch (Adel)

HF: Robbie Gray (PA), Lance Franklin (Syd), Marcus Bontempelli (WB)

F: Eddie Betts (Adel), Josh Kennedy (WC), Joe Daniher (Ess)

Foll: Paddy Ryder (PA), Patrick Dangerfield (Geel), Tom Mitchell (Haw)

Inter: Seb Ross (St K), Luke Parker (Syd), Michael Hurley (Ess), Clayton Oliver (Melb)

IN: Elliot Yeo, Lance Franklin, Paddy Ryder, Seb Ross

OUT: Michael Hibberd, Tom Lynch, Sam Jacobs, Joel Selwood

  1. Great work guys ! Small criticism… please turn up the volume on Finey’s microphone.

  2. Yeah great stuff guys. Agree with the first commenter about finey’s mic too

  3. Dane Rampe?

  4. Hi Ro Co,

    Can you get finey to talk properly into the mic next week he was very hard to hear.


  5. I think Jetta instead of Howe. Apart from that looks good.

  6. re Bruce: Listen to the start of the 2007 Prelim where Bruce and Dennis talk about how the umpires’ names also start with Mc. “I should be in there, Denis”. “Forgot to mention you there, Bruce”. Even as the game is playing, they talked about it.

    re Finey’s mic: I wanted to say something about it, but instead decided to lean back away from the keyboard so that you what I was typing.

  7. Fellas, calling the threats against accreditation to Macarthyism is a bit sensationalist. There are more AFL journos than players! The issue is to do with low quality output caused by the fact the pressure to produce is so high.

    A better analogy might be the Melbourbe city council tiightening busking laws to stop muppets who cant sing wailing to a backing track on the steps of Flinders st station.

    You could take away accreditation of 50% of journos and improve the overall quality of AFL journalism overnight.

  8. After Kennedy and Franklin there is surely only room for one more key forward.

    Big Benny Brown and Joe Danniher. One clubs fans will be feeling really hard done!

    BBB – one more goal, more contested marks, more accurate, played in a worse side
    Joe – more marks, more possessions (also, family name and bigger club)

    Who should make it?

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