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Footyology TV Podcast – And so it begins!

A new AFL season has arrived. So has a new Footyology TV show. But if your TV ain’t handy, we have the audio podcast version right here!

Footyology TV Podcast – And so it begins!

Catch the audio podcast version of the NEW Footyology TV show right here, as RoCo & Finey wrap up a big start to the 2018 AFL season!

  1. Sliding in below knees rule – Finey mentioned Langdon giving away free to Gunston. What about Roili tapping ball in first quarter while diving on ground and giving away same free kick. Only difference — no goal from the direct free.
    We love to pick on a free when it impacts the scoring, but not exactly the same free around the ground.
    Similar thiong with Katie Brennan. how many dangerous tackels on the weekend where players had their heads driven into the turf. Haven;t seen any reports out of these, yet all (including Brennans opponent) all kept playing.
    And no, don’t barrack for dogs. Just annoyed again in inconsistencies of umpiring and MRP.


  2. Welcome back fellas.
    Best afl podcast out there
    Been a long wait!

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