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Footyology’s draft rankings – No. 6: Nick Coffield

Northern Knights captain Nick Coffield eludes two Eastern Ranges opponents during the TAC Cup this year. Photo: AFL MEDIA

Footyology’s draft rankings – No. 6: Nick Coffield

Bede Briscomb    

Victoria (Northern Knights)
Running defender/midfielder

Born: 19/3/1999
Height: 190cm
Weight: 83kg

Disposals: 20.9
Kicks: 13.7
Handballs: 7.3
Handball efficiency: 81%
Kicking efficiency: 72%
Marks: 4.7
Tackles: 2
Goals: 0.8
One elite attribute: Kicking. A versatile running defender who almost seems genetically engineered for the modern game – in other words, a “metres gained” specialist.
Best-case comparison: Dylan Roberton


Kicking: One of, if not the best kick in this year’s draft. Has a piercing right boot and always looks to use it. Trusted with kick-in duties in the TAC Cup and under 18 championships.

Leadership: With his consistent attack on the ball and footy smarts, the Northern Knights captain showed glimpses of a future Luke Hodge.

Work ethic: Coffield was hardly a first-round selection going into 2017 and now sees himself firmly entrenched in the top 10. Loves footy and will do everything required to succeed.

Pace: You can’t give Coffield open space because he will use his long legs and loping strides to burn you through the middle. Takes the game on at every opportunity.


Aggression: Coffield is aggressive, but only in space. His contested work needs a lot of time put into it if he is to be trusted with key defensive assignments and be trusted as a full-time midfielder.

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