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RoCo’s Wrap

  • RoCo's Wrap: A case of close but no cigar again for Cats?
    Is Geelong destined again to finish somewhere near but not quite at the top of the AFL mountain?
  • RoCo's Wrap: 10-metre rule and video reviews are a farce
    The enforcement of the 10-metre protected area and the video review system are becoming a big embarrassment for the AFL
  • RoCo's Wrap: In 2018, is the competition really that even?
    In 2018, there's a bigger gap between the best and the worst.
  • RoCo's Wrap: Demons, Eagles and Roos are passing the tests
    In RoCo's Wrap, Melbourne, West Coast and North Melbourne were set searching tests. And they passed handsomely.
  • RoCo's Wrap: "Round 7 Rule" a red alert for lower ladder
    It might be a tight season, but the "Round 7 Rule" suggests if you're not in the top eight by now, you may not be at all.
  • RoCo's Wrap: In dangerous days, Tigers & Swans dependable
    On Footyology, RoCo's Wrap looks at why the Tigers may have got even better, and why the Swans keep on keeping on.
  • RoCo's Wrap: Tedious debate is drawing a rather long bow
    Every time we have a draw (and that's not often) the same old chestnut about getting rid of them rears its ugly head. Well here's our response. Bugger off.
  • RoCo's Wrap: The honeymoon is over, baby
    As the weather turns, reality bites for those romanticising about unlikely AFL season narratives.
Behind the News
  • Blues would be bonkers to get rid of Brendon Bolton
  • Finally, Collingwood finds the right formula to go forward
  • Stomachs full, Dogs don't have the appetite for September
Footyology Podcast
  • Footyology Podcast: Injuries, and adding a bit of insult
  • Footyology Podcast: Changes, they're a comin' soon
  • Footyology Podcast: Is there anybody out there?
Match of the Day
  • Fremantle finally fires up away as Carlton can't be bothered
  • At the critical moment, Cats emphatically answer the call
  • Proud Hawks hold the line and hang on in hectic finish
Previews with Punch
  • Footyology's previews with punch – Round 14
  • Previews with punch – Round 13
  • Previews with punch – Round 12
History Lesson
  • Rounds Of Our Lives: The greatest moments from Round 14
  • Rounds Of Our Lives: The greatest moments from Round 13
  • Rounds Of Our Lives: The greatest moments from Round 12
Facebook Live Q&A
  • Sporting News Facebook LIVE: Wednesday 21st March
  • Sporting News Facebook LIVE: Wednesday 14th March
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