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Sporting News Facebook LIVE: Wednesday 7th March

A new season nearly upon us and there’s already lots to talk about – injuries, contract speculation, and where teams might finish on our predicted ladder.

Sporting News Facebook LIVE: Wednesday 7th March

In our first Facebook LIVE chat session for the year for Sporting News Australia, we talked off-season form and just asked just how much can be read into it, took a look at some of the teams featued so far in Footyology’s “Ladder Countdown” series, pondered the ramifications of the season-ending injury to Sydney ruckman Sam Naismith, discussed the thorny issue of contract and free agency speculation; how much of it is informed, do we really have to put up with it all year, and could it be avoided if deals were able to be publicly negotiated in-season. And we threw in just a little bit of music talk for good measure! We’re LIVE every Wednesday at 5pm, but if you want to catch up with today’s chat, here it is!

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