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Here’s why you should read Footyology …


“Rohan Connolly has always shown his great love and knowledge of footy in his many writings over the years , I’m glad that passion and game analysis will continue on his Footyology web site.”
LEIGH MATTHEWS (AFL Legend of the Game)

“Rohan Connolly is one of football’s best writers with an intricate knowledge of the game that makes his work compelling, interesting and provocative. His great sense of the game’s history gives him great credibility. He has forthright views that are balanced and educational for the reader. I recommend anyone who loves Australian rules footy to read his body of work, hard news stories, colour stories and opinion pieces.”
KEVIN BARTLETT (AFL Legend of the Game)

“I have great admiration for Rohan’s knowledge of the game and in particular his appreciation of its history. When things do happen in football, he is all over the context and back story, which makes him always worth listening to and reading. He has a particular way of analysing the game which for a football person of 40 years in the game always makes sense, and is distinctly different from others. That’s pretty rare.”
MICK MALTHOUSE (AFL games coached record holder)

“Connolly’s articles reflect a terrific understanding of the game. His ability to transfer his thoughts and observations to an article makes for quality reading, even if, speaking as a coach, sometimes uncomfortably challenging!”
ALAN RICHARDSON (St Kilda coach)

“Rohan Connolly is a rare commodity, a thinking football journalist. He has a great knowledge of the game, and is always analysing it with fantastic passion. He always probes for reasons things happen and solutions, and is never mundane.”
RODNEY EADE (Gold Coast coach)

“I always enjoy reading and listening to Rohan’s analysis of the game. While the politics and off-field drama appeal to many, Rohan’s focus is the on-field. From a purist’s perspective, that is always the most engaging.”
CHRIS SCOTT (Geelong coach)

“Rohan writes about our game with passion and skill. He sticks his chin out. I like that. Footyology is the kind of place where I would like to hang out”
BOB MURPHY (Western Bulldogs Captain)