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Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey shoot the footy breeze

RoCo and Finey are back for AFL season 2018 to muse over all the goings on in footy this week and preview the big Easter round 2!

Footyology Podcast: RoCo & Finey shoot the footy breeze

The season’s underway, and so are all the associated “dramas” that go with it. The boys are back to give their thoughts on the fall-out of round one, and bring you your favourite observations on the Fourth Estate in “Media Watch”. There’s previews of all the Easter weekend games in “Previews With Punch” and our new segment “Never Again”. So full of footy debate, so lacking in decorum, it’s the Footyology podcast. Check it out!


  2. Interesting to hear your thoughts about Port vs Swans, however Sam Reid did not play in this game (!).

  3. Would like to hear more in depth argument towards the Sydney academy because, taken at face value, to say it’s unfair to have Isaac Heeney & Callum Mills via that avenue seems to ignore that you’d still have a strong side (via solid recruitment, development & player retention). Both Heeney & Mills have separately reported that they would have gone to rugby league & rugby union respectively if there was no academy, so they would be lost to the AFL, so there is that, too. Hypothetically, the Swans would have been to afford to keep Tom Mitchell (+ possibly Toby Nankervis) after 2016 without Heeney & Mills’ contracts to worry about, so again it seems they’d be doing more than OK without the.

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